Theo: New Coach of EVOS Legends in MPL ID S13

Theo: New Coach of EVOS Legends in MPL ID S13

It has been announced that John Theo “Theo” Eusebio, a well-known Filipino coach, has been appointed to the position of head coach of EVOS Legends. The Mobile Legends scene in MPL ID S13 has become particularly fascinating as a result of this. RSG Philippines had previously been managed by him, and he was the one who guided the team to victory in the ONE Esports MPL Invitational 2023.

Brian “Panda” Chang-Rok and Theo worked together when he was a famous coach. Theo and Panda helped RSG PH become one of the top four teams in MPL PH S11 and S12. Their partnership also worked out well in foreign events, such as the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series S3 SEA – Challenge Finals, where they did very well. Finally, he was the only leader at the ONE Esports MPL Invitational 2023 and led Nathzz and the team to win back the title in an international event.

When he joined EVOS Legends, it caused a stir in the MPL ID S13 scene, especially since he is a foreign teacher like Bjorn “Zeys” Ong. Many people interested in Theo’s background and profile, so let’s look into his bio.

Theo Profile and Biodata

  • Full Name: John Theo Guinto Eusebio
  • IGN (In-Game Name): Theo, Coach Theo, Raizen
  • Nationality: Philippines
  • Role: Coach
  • Instagram: Coach Theo

Coaching in the MPL Malaysia in the past

Theo was a teacher for an MPL team in Malaysia before he joined RSG Philippines. During MPL MY S10, he was the coach of Suhaz Esports. Many people didn’t know about his time with Suhaz, though.

A Coach Who Is Close to His Teams

As ECHO beat RSG PH to eliminate them from MPL PH S12, one of the players, Nathzz, looked clearly upset. People thought that he was one of the teachers who showed SLOT GACOR TERBARU sympathy and sadness when he saw how his favourite players were feeling after losing.

Someone who used to work for him and now with RRQ Hoshi, John “Irrad” Abarquez, known to close with Theo. Thus, this shows that the coach really cares about and backs up his players.

Theo Last Gift to RSG PH: the MPLI 2023 Championship

Coming in first place at the ONE Esports MPL Invitational 2023 in November was the high point of Theo’s guiding career with RSG PH. He didn’t keep his job with RSG PH, but winning the MPLI 2023 title is still an important and memorable accomplishment.

Fans are excited to see how Theo will affect the team and what plans he will use in the upcoming MPL ID S13 season as he moves to EVOS Legends. The Filipino coach is a great addition to the EVOS Legends team because he has a lot of knowledge and has had a lot of success.